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The following policies and procedures are in place to help assist in the safety and fun of all children and their families. Failure to properly adhere to these polices and procedures may result in your child and family being asked to

leave the Playground. In extreme cases, a child and/or family may be trespassed and asked not to return.

  • Before entering onto NORTHWEST SOFTPLAY’s area, all parents, guardians, and children must have signed a release, approved by NORTHWEST SOFTPLAY, releasing it from liability and acknowledging these policies and procedures.

  • Children should never be allowed to be left unattended.

    •  A responsible adult (e.g, parent and/or guardian) must be in attendance at all times.

    •  Responsible adults must remain in visual contact with their children at all times.

    •  Responsible adults must clean up after their children.

  • NORTHWEST SOFTPLAY and its staff and/or employees are not responsible for your children’s behavior. Please have a discussion with your child(ren) prior to coming onto NORTHWEST SOFTPLAY’s premises as to what constitutes appropriate behavior.

    •  Children may only go down slides seated on their bottom and facing forward, feet first. 

    • No climbing on the play area improvements; except on structures approved for climbing. Such structures will be marked as such.

  • If a child is hurt or injured on the playground, notify a staff member and/or employee of NORTHWEST SOFTPLAY immediately. After the child has been cared for you will be required to fill out an accident report. Please report any safety issues on the playground that you observe.

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